3D printing could benefit hugely from recycled plastics

3D printing could benefit hugely from recycled plastics

[ Tue.21-1-2020]

An innovative new project aims to produce standardized filament. A new vision for the future of 3D printing involves standardizing filament to give users a guaranteed consistent level of quality, and using recycled plastic waste to create that filament

This scheme comes from Aarhus University in Denmark, specifically the department of engineering, and associate professor Mogens Hinge ( the plastics and polymer engineering arm) – in collaboration with plastic processing and recycling firm Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S.

It’s a project which has already been funded to the tune of €84,000 (around $93,000, £72,000), and Gitte Buk Larsen, marketing manager at Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S told 3D Printing Industry: “If the project is successful, it’ll revolutionize the material consumption of 3D printers. We’re talking about being able to use plastic waste to create new, high-quality filament. It’ll have a significant impact for the environment and the climate in the long-term.”

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